Weekly Horoscope For The Week Of August 25th – August 31, 2014

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Though it might momentarily feel like a harmless defusing tactic or coping mechanism, I wouldn’t suggest making light of circumstances which are actually quite serious, Aries… and particularly not while interacting with any individual(s) also involved in said circumstances, and who might not find your approach quite as ‘harmless’. Don’t get me wrong, though: You do need some general ‘light-making’ at this time, but there’s simultaneously an onus on you not to downplay the deep psychic significance of whatever getting-real shakeout is now occurring with dismissive shoulder-shrugs, crude jokes, and/or insensitive ‘just-get-over-it’s. It’s simply a matter of discerning where a respectful boundary would fall, both safeguarding the sanctity of a potentially difficult situation and making sure the copious amounts of fun presently due to you are legitimately light-hearted fun (and not underscored with distracting little microaggressions). Outwardly displaying a careless attitude toward awkward or painful circumstances doesn’t make you appear brave; it just reveals a glimpse of the same carelessness with which you’re treating your own emotional responses. And just to be clear, I don’t think laughing directly in the face of challenge is always a dismissive or disrespectful approach. It’s just this present (and passing) 8th-house Mars-Saturn conjunction that leaves me worried about interpersonal consequences from treating serious matters too casually or callously.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Use your private domestic life as a sanctuary from any upsetting interpersonal stresses, Taurus, but not as an escape from them. Though the difference I’m asserting between the two is subtle, I believe it hinges on a willingness to continue chewing on your upset while alone—and also on the self-development feat you’re now achieving, in the act of not just letting things between you go on the way they always have—rather than falling back on any-and-every indulgence, habit, and vice which might muffle the pain or buy you a few hours of convenient memory-loss. I’m not saying you ought to spend all your time wallowing in disappointment or trembling at the scope of these relational trials. But on the same token, you mustn’t lose sight of how critically important and life-transforming this interpersonal effort actually is, in terms of shifting your general dynamics within key relationships going forward evermore. If you’re making strides that’ll ultimately strengthen and secure a given relationship, you deserve constant pats on your own back… and regular reminders that these momentary headaches will prove worth it. If you’re holding your own in a contentious situation, you ought to utilize those private moments to fortify your battle-gear, not weaken your resolve with coddling excesses. And if you’re facing a breakup or breakdown, you really need to grieve as comfortably as possible, without downplaying the intensity through purposeful forgetting.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Tensions between (1) the social-community connectedness you want to immerse yourself in and (2) the self-motivated duties you must dedicate yourself to—if, that is, you earnestly intend to ‘take care of business’ rather than perpetuate practical problems for yourself—continue to brew, Gemini. While I won’t flat-out tell you which pole of this friction you ought to favor over the other, I will point out that, yes, of course, the interpersonal contact is lovely and pleasant and entertaining (as well as more time-consuming than perhaps you’re acknowledging) but not necessarily of lasting importance. In other words, looking back on this period a couple years from now, you aren’t likely to claim that these interactions changed your life in any profound manner. However, the ‘business’ you need to be taking care of right now will still be relevant. At that indefinite moment in the not-so-distant future, you’ll hopefully be building more impressive results, sleeker productivity, and/or greater health atop the efforts you’re presently making… and may indeed point back to the current season as instrumental in establishing this precedent. If not, then you could be working overtime on attempting to remedy what you didn’t properly deal with at this crucial juncture. So, which is it? Do those frivolous hours of socializing still seem like a wise choice?

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Are you writing a check that your highest self-respecting heart would rather not cash, dear Cancer? In this continuing saga of figuring out how to balance practical self-sufficiency with sincere self-expression, you’ve got to be on guard against oh-so-tempting financial openings which might prove ‘too good to be true’ over time, once you come to understand exactly what you’re signing on for. That’s not to imply, incidentally, a neat-and-tidy formula of ‘well-paying’ being automatically equal to ‘soul-sucking’; rather, it’s meant to inspire more thorough considerations beyond the mere economic when it comes to where and how you’re investing your oomph. We’ve been talking a lot about money lately, due to Jupiter’s arrival to your solar 2nd a month ago… and with other-benefit Venus also hanging out there, you likely have more profitable opportunities immediately in front of you than at other times. This naturally creates a greater-than-usual temptation to go for the money with little hesitation, as if anything other than a rip-roarin’ YES! to any-and-every offer might signal to the universe that you’re totally disinterested in building wealth. I call bullshit on that one. If your heart also intends its wealth to grow, by its own immeasurable terms of sincerity and satisfaction, it may need to speak up with a loud, unambiguous, and no-need-to-justify NO! based solely on its distinct logic.

LEO (July 23-August 22): It’s not ridiculous to acknowledge you’re simultaneously on top of the world and waging a tough war for control over your tender insides, just as we discussed last week, Leo. Competently holding such contradictory feeling-narratives at the same time, you must know, is actually a reassuring sign of emotional sophistication. That’s why it would be a personal shame to allow either interpretive strain to monopolize your consciousness, at a time so ripe for growing into a fuller-rounded version of your old lovable self. With that in mind, I deem it exceedingly vital for you not to invite the latest golden-shot or ego-boost to go too totally to your head, such that whatever less-wonderful realities actually should be weighing on you aren’t left abandoned on the side of the road… as if long-suffered, deep-running problems are all magically fixed just because a bunch of other unrelated stuff is now going your way. That should not be read, however, as my discouraging you from thoroughly enjoying the double-benefit boon you lion-babies are presently being gifted with. By all means, enjoy! But please stop short of imprecisely rewriting your whole hero’s-tale in these bright, beautiful colors. Lifelong internal struggles with feeling ‘good enough’, for instance, can’t be miraculously purged from their hardened resting-place with a single lucky stroke. Riding such a high can, however, make our willingly concurrent dippings into the low much more tolerable—and hopefully more productive.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Your main responsibility, Virgo, is to not ice anyone out of the proceedings, not refuse to reply to their calls and texts and emails, and not behave as if you’re somehow ‘above’ this level of discussion. Beyond that, you can pretty much feel free to communicate whatever’s true for you. If some disagreement or dispute is part of the situation, please know you will only emerge victorious based upon the actual content you’re expressing—whether it’s historic and/or factual, or whether it’s clearly categorized as solely your first-person opinion—and not because of any cheap-shots or power-moves. You don’t need to muddy the logic with an annoyed tone or patronizing attitude. In fact, if you really want to hold yourself to the highest standards (and, under this Mars-Saturn influence, it’s one of those times when I recommend it), then consider removing from your equation the particular quirks or irritants of any certain individual you’re dealing with… and engage the interaction with an impersonal (though not cold or rude) consistency, as if you were presenting to a diverse audience of widely varying characters. Don’t play to specific personalities; instead, be a fair-minded, plain-speaking orator. That way, you’re less compelled by one person or another’s potential or perceived response… and better focused on just being clear.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22): It feels better to know you’re not alone in this, Libra… that there are others like you who understand the experience of existing in your unique milieu, who situate themselves in a similar worldview, and/or who seek to further the cause or create community just like you do. This is a fitting moment to take inspiration, solace, and/or a synergistic enthusiasm-boost from your belonging to this greater whole. There is, however, only so far you can carry any bonds of solidarity once you detect a thread in the generally-agreed-upon discourse that clashes with some value, goal, or survival technique which you personally abide by, in order to get one or another of your needs met. That doesn’t mean you ought to, therefore, step completely back from friends or allies due to just one area of divergence, regardless of how significant. (Indeed, this week would be terrible for attempting to articulate any argument about how you diverge and/or why it matters.) However, you really should take this awareness all the way into your psyche, quietly swallowing the reality that you, as a discrete individual, are the only one who’ll reliably look out for your own particular values and goals… and for your own very survival. Other people, and the relationships we form with them, are an indispensable tool for development and a blessed gift from the cosmos. But the buck always stops with you, not anybody else.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Considering the dual benefit presences currently treating your career (and/or outside-community) life to a veritable windfall of promising possibilities, I expect you to be riding high on this wave of outward advantage, Scorpio. As far as your ambitions go, the present signs seem to indicate the sky’s indeed the limit in terms of what you could legitimately aim for. That said, it’s only a short distance from riding high on that one particular wave to hitching a ride on a high-horse… and with Mars and Saturn still prominently occupying your 1st, you remain under steep pressure to maintain your most conscientious best in all circumstances. I therefore must conclude that the fact certain areas of your life are going quite swimmingly is, on its mirrored flip-side, a test of how you can masterfully exercise the benefits of increasing worldly esteem and success—without letting it go to your head. Your best-case scenario would be a full-on integration of victorious self-earned authority and gracious other-respecting humility, a blend leaving you to feel more confidently yourself than ever before, with no need to undermine or dominate anybody else. A less-glimmering version, meanwhile, would forefront the tensions between assuming due authority over responsibilities and still playing well with others (rather than, say, assuming authority over them as discrete individuals). And the worst? You shoot yourself in the foot, jeopardizing your own immediate success by behaving like a cocky jackass.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): All the itchy speed-demons and daredevils among you really need to understand there are reasons why you haven’t ‘moved on’ as quickly as you’d anticipated. The only problem is, Sagittarius, I cannot lucidly outline those reasons with any plain logic you’re likely to understand right away. That’s not because I’m at a loss for words (as if!) or refusing to do my job: There is no ‘plain logic’ here, just faint whispers about spiritual purpose and rightful timing and the like which can only be deciphered on an individual basis, soul by soul, and probably won’t cohere into full-on sense until sometime later. While that may not go very far in demystifying the causal roots of this apparent pause, you’ll hopefully at least accept my assertion that you haven’t missed your train or dragged your feet to the point of wasting an opportunity… even if outward conditions superficially suggest as much. It doesn’t help your poise-of-patience any, of course, that you recently have experienced your anticipatory optimism skyrocketing to levels not felt in quite some time—and from that perspective alone, it seems as if you should be damn near close to takeoff, if you aren’t already zooming onward and upward. But that isn’t the only perspective, is it? Not only are there others to consider alongside, but the most directly relevant one is also rather obscure and immediately inaccessible to competent comprehension. Take that on faith, or don’t.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Please no Capricorn vigilantes, no matter how well-meaning, trying to single handedly invoke justice by righting a perceived wrong from a starkly ‘us vs. them’ stance. Though your earnest efforts at advocating for what you feel is correct are both welcome and worthy, I don’t see this as an appropriate context for lone-wolf retaliations. I tell you this, Capricorn, not only to protect from the possibility that your passion for this issue could be put forth in so personal a manner, certain important nuances might get lost… causing you to inadvertently weaken your argument and/or create collateral offense to folks you thought were on your side. This advice is also meant to support you in generating the most effective and thorough results possible, a much greater likelihood if you allow like-minded peers to vet your strategy or, if the circumstances warrant it, take over for you. It shouldn’t matter who takes on the challenge, for purposes of getting credit; whoever will get the job done best ought to be handed the reins. Those folks who could potentially be offended by you? They probably are on your side, insofar as core beliefs and/or final goals are concerned. It’s only because they care so much that they’d have a problem with you stepping in like a knight on a white horse to save everyone… especially when their personal stake in this matter necessitates they be consulted and coordinated with, if you really want to help.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): It remains easier than usual for you to have your attention hijacked, Aquarius, by warm, pleasurable, affirming encounters with friends, lovers, and random human-beings who are genuinely happy to have these precious moments with you. Yes, I’m admittedly trying to make the desirability of such gratifying companionship sound nearly irresistible, in order to give you a fair idea of how difficult it may be to resist such attention-drifts… particularly when you are so genuinely happy to make them so genuinely happy, and particularly when they just might be likelier than usual to go on and on and on and on and on about whatever’s got them this eager to talk your ear off. I suppose, then, you could just go along with all these other people’s enthusiastic drifts, right? What would be the harm in that? Well, though ‘harm’ may be a strong word to describe what might happen if you passively assented to everyone else’s especially-chit-chatty agendas (or, then again, maybe it isn’t such a strong word after all), perhaps you’re overlooking the obvious if you purport not to understand the negative consequences: You have pressing real-world responsibilities which must be handled in a timely fashion, and thus your position does not legitimately afford you the luxury of playing fast-and-loose with your time-management. Suck though it may, you must reserve your attention for such responsibilities—even when you might much prefer to hang with interesting characters who’d love to regale you with their latest twists-and-turns.

PISCES (February 19-March 20): Going along with each new day just like you always have, despite any repetitiveness or predictability, may feel like something of a mind-unscrambling relief these days. I suppose taking the peaceful easy feelings wherever you can find ’em, Pisces, is a solid way of appreciating what already exists rather than holding off happiness until some imagined future of dreams-come-true. But I must admit I can’t completely endorse this tale as long as I sniff a lurking disappointment or regret underlying this set-up… which you’ll only really connect with by contemplating what you’ll feel if your days continued to be just like this for another, say, ten or twenty years. Will you proudly stand behind these choices you made? Will you have tried your hardest to offer that unique contribution to the world only you can provide? Will you have ventured beyond the comfort zone? The value of appreciating what is mustn’t serve as an incentive not to actively scout what could be. And I’d be very surprised, actually, if there wasn’t an adventure-seeking knot in the pit of your stomach, which will stay uncomfortably tied-up as long as you attempt to convince yourself not to at least try out that ‘something bigger’… or not to care about what really, truly, deeply matters to you. That’s your conscience talking: Listen, as it tells you what your heart craves.

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Stuck In An Uncommitted Relationship?

Want to know how to have the man in your life ready and excited to take your relationship to the next level? First, you should know – there are 3 Stages of love and relationships that you need to know how to handle with a man, or else.

Most women know some about how things are supposed to work in a committed relationship… But if you’re single, do you really know how things work with a man in the Courtship and Uncommitted phases?

Or, do you find that this is where you get stuck or things go wrong for you again and again? These 2 earlier stages are where most women get stuck and never end up finding the love and lasting relationship they want.

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Explanation Of Zodiac Signs

Free Sample Sexual Soul Mates Reading for two

What is the real explanation of Zodiac Signs? Throughout the entire Astrological Soul Mates blog we offer you zodiac love matches as well as zodiac sign descriptions. Each characteristic of zodiac sign is defined by your birthday and which sign you fall under. Compatibility and Zodiac fall into the same category for friendships, love and all relationships your involved in. As you discover which zodiac signs are compatible you’ll realize why your relationships with people work or why you sometimes feel like your banging your head on the wall.

The article below gives a short explanation of Zodiac signs and what different elements are involved.

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Best Love Match For Pisces

Free Sample Sexual Soul Mates Reading for two

Pisces February 19 -March 20

Wondering what signs are the best love match for Pisces? Pisces compatiblity is with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

best love match for piscesThe Pisces profile however is incompatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Pisces symbols can work well with another Pisces and the Virgo sign. The Pisces personality can stay together with the signs that they are incompatible with.  In this article you will find out how Pisces characteristics and why what attracts pisces does work better when you are with a zodiac sign you are compatible with. Pisces also is a Water Sign.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius

How To Make Love Happen With Astrology

Astrology is a powerful method to understand romantic relationships. But even more than that, love horoscope are also a secret way of influencing your love life. If you read between the lines, there’s more than the compatibility of zodiacs.

Here’s the story: You romantic relationship potential is bigger than you think. Using love horoscope you can understand it, but an astrologer also can create a more potent and powerful document: a so-called “Astrology Love Guide”! How is it different from a horoscope? Here’s how: it will tell you how you can practically force a potential partner to fall in love with you! You can study how to boost your natural compatibility and chemistry with this person. That means that after you’ve acquired this wisdom, you’re ready to change your love life instantly and for good.

Put your fabulous self front and center today with a free sample Personal Astrology Profile and a look at what makes you … you!

“How does it work?” you might wonder.

The answer can be found in ancient history: Babylonian astrologers were the first ones who created “Astrology Love Guides”. It was their “Magic Bullet” in casting love spells on potential lovers and make them fall in love. They used their astrological wisdom and methods in ways that most traditional astrologer are unaware of:

It all started more than 5000 years ago, when the first astrologers found out that astrological traits are the psychological building blocks for how a person thinks, feels, sees and reacts to the world. They examined and determined that Pisces are mostly emotionally charged, an Aries loves a challenge, a Taurus loves beauty, etc and so on. (I know that this is over-simplifying it a bit. And of course it is more complex, given the distinctive combinations of an individual’s Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus signs. But you get the essence.)

How can this basic knowledge be used as a secret weapon?

Let me ask you this: What if you understood the unique combination of a person’s character attributes and you could decipher this person’s behavior? What if you knew what the person longs for and can be seduced with? Can you see how this knowledge be used in love and lust?

An “Astrology Love Guide” contains this wisdom and the suggestions for a particular person so that it becomes your secret weapon: It’s an “Instruction Manual for Love and Lust” – personal and accurate.

And let me share with you how it works: It’s almost like a cracking a code. Once you did it, it becomes really easy! Think about it like this: What could you do if you really knew the unique combination of your lover’s astrological personality traits? What if you could really decode how attraction and love works for this person?

IMPORTANT: It means that you are aware what your potential mate finds sexy and longs for! It means that you can intensify and highlight your own natural attributes and behaviors to be the “match made in heaven”!

Now, if you discover and apply the knowledge of an Astrology Love Guide, your potential partner will feel that you’re irresistible. Using the wisdom of an astrology love guide means you bypass all the romantic guesswork. You create and intensify your love chemistry on purpose. It’s almost like you’re casting a love spell on that person …

In fact, Astrology Love Guides have been successfully used as a “Magic Bullets” throughout history: And their power has been proven over and over again. For instance, Cleopatra, the influential ruler of ancient Egypt and famous seductress of the world’s most powerful men, relied on love astrology. Both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony felt magically drawn to Cleopatra.

You’ll discover in an Astrology Love Guide not only what your romantic potential is but what your lover desires and what you can say and do to appeal to these traits, so you can actually increase your natural compatibility with anyone. That how you can win friends and lovers using astrology as your powerful secret weapon.

Spring into a relationship on Perfectmatch.com

By: Roberto Bell

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Thomas writes articles for men and women looking for the online dating sites for singles. Visit How to Make Love Happen with Astrology.

best love match for pisces

Aquarius Pisces Compatibility Horoscope

The privacy becomes a struggle with some of the elements of melodrama. Aquarius Pisces depend too sensitive and that he wants to show their love all the time.

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Sagittarius ignite in the bedroom, but compatibility ends there. Pisces is an imaginative dreamer, not doer, whereas Sagittarius thrives on constant activity independent Sagittarius is too much of a rover to satisfy Pisces.

Pisces Compatibility

Learn about Pisces Zodiac Sign compatibility. Find out which signs are most compatible with Pisces. Learn how to attract a Pisces.

Pisces Leo Compatibility Horoscope

Fire and water do not mix. A lack of self-control will be disappointed with Leo Pisces reserve, even in bed. No one understands the other side as a whole.

Try a free sample Soul Mate Compatibility Reading

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