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Looking to find the signs that are compatible with Aquarius? Horoscope Aquarius love compatibility shows that you are most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.

Horoscope Aquarius love compatibilityThe Aquarius love traits however are incompatible with Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. The aquarius personality and aquarius traits also work well with another Aquarius and the Leo sign. Although so many people do stay together with the signs that they are incompatible with, this article will go over why it works better when you are familiar with the Aquarius characteristics. The Aquarius profile is a Air Sign.

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The Abc’s Of Attracting An Aquarius

Okay, so you have just had the most stimulating conversation with your Aquarian friend that has left you reeling. He or she is so generous, tolerant, and such a humanitarian. You think you have finally found your soul mate. But how can you get him or her interested in being more than friends? Here are the ABC’s of attracting an Aquarius.

What Attracts Aquarians

Don’t come on too strong.
Aquarians, by nature, are always courteous, but just a little bit elusive. They are fiercely independent. So, don’t come right out and tell them you are head over heels. You need to be a little more subtle. Win over your Aquarian friend’s mind first. Do not rely solely on a physical attraction. This will get you nowhere. Stimulate them intellectually, and they will stimulate you physically, at a much later date.

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Play on their compassionate qualities.
Aquarians love mankind. Truly, they are great humanitarians and will be interested in a variety of causes. So, join in on a cause. Whether it’s something as simple as going green for the environment, or volunteering at a soup kitchen, your Aquarian friend will stand up and take notice of your actions and appreciate you all the more. They love joining clubs and social groups. So if you find one you can join together, that has some do-gooding involved, do it!

Be quirky.
Suggest you go out to eat sometime. But avoid the typical nationwide chain in suburbia. Find some dive hole-in-the-wall off the beaten path. Order the weirdest thing on the menu. Your Aquarian loves a good adventure. Keep them guessing. Aquarians are enchanted by all things “different”.

Take an interest in their interests.
Aquarians are notorious for having a plethora of interests. Whether it be winemaking, mountain biking, or basket weaving, become extremely knowledgeable in their hobbies. Be able to talk about their favorite hobby at length and with gusto. Offer to become involved in some way. If it’s winemaking, offer to take off your shoes and squish the grapes!

Communicate, communicate, communicate.
Aquarius is an air sign; which means they are great communicators. Keep in touch with them via texting, email, phone, IM, or (gasp) writing a letter. Be witty. Be a little off the wall. Remember, Aquarians are a wee bit eccentric.

Be honest.
Your Aquarius is not one to lie or misrepresent him- or herself in anyway. So don’t lie to them. Don’t give them any cheesy pickup lines. They will be totally turned off.

Be patient.
You will never get an Aquarian to fall in love you right away. You must be willing to wait it out. This sign is not overtly emotional. Love means making room for someone else, and as mentioned at the beginning of this article, this sign is fiercely independent. But if you have the time, and the inclination, you will find loving an Aquarian is quite a thrill ride.

If you follow the ABC’s to attracting an Aquarius, you should be on your way to loving a surprising, stimulating, broadminded and sometimes shocking person. Just remember not to make them feel trapped. In their fight to be independent, they just might chew off their own leg.

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